Artist's statement

I have always enjoyed a good challenge and working in watercolor is certainly just that. It continues to tantalize and entertain me. Being curious by nature, I love to take what I have learned from others, explore working with new materials and push myself to develop my own distinct voice. Although watercolor is known for its share of "rules" which are fun to follow, I find that they are even more fun to break. It is in breaking rules and risking failure that discoveries are made.

Because I am a slow and methodical painter, I choose subjects that really fascinate me to hold my interest. These often include ordinary, everyday things like a cluster of onions, a solitary flower, a worn and battered kitchen tool or even unremarkable people going about their business. What interests me as an artist is discovering how best to bring a sense of dignity, beauty and story to a given subject even if bending a few of art's conventions, like perspective, composition, color placement, paint application or the surface I paint on. If my art causes the viewer to pause and appreciate the overlooked, then I am quite satisfied.